Ruby Child

from number b

The dirt upon his polished shoes 
They wouldn't approve 
It was worth all the fun that he had that day 
He felt like he was a king 
Was a human being 
But his folks couldn't see it that way 

That caviar and creme brulee was not for him 
He'd settle for a glass of milk and some butter thins 
The dinner table solitude 
Like the classroom blues 
No case for a laugh or smile 

Well, Jazzbo Jim and Captain Kid, his only friends 
He told `em jokes, and he sang `em songs 
But they couldn't respond 
He cried himself to sleep at night 
No one to hold him tight 
He hoped that someday things would change 

Ruby Child 
things will change 

Now our boy is all grown up 
With children of his own 
He teaches them of modesty, warmth, and love 
And if they are to weep at night 
He'll hold them tight 
For their joy is worth more than diamonds or gold