Postmaster General

I have been in bed for days

my legs no longer carry me away

I cannot breathe, I cannot see

I wonder where my antidote could be

the dust has gathered, it seems to me

my time here is passing so rapidly

where he is no one can say

but I am leaving, the fever's come my way


ice and snow

I'm coming, I'm coming

wherever I go

I'm on my way

through rivers and hills

I carry a cure for she is ill

come on come on

we are strong

hold on

hold on

hold on 

hold on


hurry please, I'm seeing spots

I'm burning up, I don't wanna rot

well things are really lookin grim

doctor please tell me how much longer will I live


there he is, I see him on the hill

now I no longer have to write a will

I see his shiny boots, buttons polished just right

now I no longer have to lose the fight

just like an angel, out of the woods

I knew that he would, but I didn't think he could

postmaster general