Today is the day! 


Hop over to the uncle skeleton website and download it for free! There is also a limited hardcopy available here. (and it's only $5!)

I am overwhelmed with excitement to see this record released. Thank you Michael, Jason, KT, Austin, Pops, Smokey, and anyone else who contributed to Pancho Chumley.




Uncle Skeleton's "Pancho Chumley"



Cody and I have always made music separately when not working on a record together, but March 10 marks the first time one of these solo projects will see the light of day. Thanks to Yewknee records, Pancho Chumley will be released on uncleskeleton.com for free download on the 10th, as well as in hard copy form. You can listen to the record to it's entirety now on the website for free now, as well as download the second song off the record Diskoteq




Dot to Dot to Dot ... The Deli's "CD of the Month"



"I was driving a car full of friends down to Atlanta when we first slid Kindercastle's new EP Dot To Dot To Dot into the CD player for review. After just one listen, it immediately blew us all out of the water. I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t in the most analytical mindset at the time, but after consecutive listening I am prepared to stand behind two bona-fide thumbs way up for this album.

It has been said that Kindercastle is reminiscent of ELO, and in some ways they are. The first track “Running the Gauntlet” starts with a naked and pleasant vocal melody. In just a few bars and in true ELO fashion, an expansive string section slides underneath as the real song begins. Then it all suddenly starts to make sense. The bass and drums drop and lock together as the whole orchestra (so it would seem) descends. Sparkles of bells, synths and trumpets poke through while lead singer Cody Uhler weaves a melody that shifts effortlessly in and out of falsetto. Glittery glitches fill in the gaps between transitions keeping you on your toes in anticipation. All this in just two minutes and twenty seven seconds.

The next track that deserves a bit of applause is “New Way of Life”. The song starts off with a serene and almost brooding backdrop but takes a quick turn, as the harmony morphs into a modern day “Good Night” from The Beatles White Album. Beirut-esque trumpets support the vocals and congregate to lift the song to an entirely new level. The rest of the album follows suit, delivering one great track after another. Kindercastle has created another triumph with their unique style and expertly crafted pop songs. Definitely give this one a listen, and be proud to call it Nashville music." –Fletcher Watson, The Deli




Thanks to everyone who came out!

Saturday was amazing! thanks to everyone who ventured out into the snow to see us and welcomed "Dot to Dot to Dot..." into the world!



Guest list for 2/28 is closed!

Thanks to all who submitted! see you all on saturday!