from number b

Leaving was the worst thing 
We've gone a long way from home 
The streets are very different here 
The mountains are very close 
The people on the sidewalk 
They only look one way 
Smiles on their faces 
They don't regret a day 

Maybe it's not so 
Not so bad 
They treat me good 
Treat me 
Good night now 
I can't 
I can't wait for daybreak 
I, I can't wait 

We set out for the ocean 
Some dinner for tonight 
The chef's are very different here 
Their etiquette just right 
A painting in the window 
A dragon in the sky 
He flies into a red sun 
Such a beautiful sight 

My new home 
My bed 
On the floor 
is wonderful, wonder 
Full of fish and life 
Life is good, but I 
Must return 
To work