Beddie Bye

from number b

The day is closing, and the sun is going down 
I'm having fun, but that yawn is coming round 
Brush and floss or you'll be sorry 
Wash your face, it's very dirty 
Put those dino jammies on 
It's time for Beddie Bye 

You might be afraid, you might not know 
That's where you came from, and that is where you'll go 
So close your eyes, the shuttle's boarding
Passengers must all be sleeping 
Don't you miss your chance to go 
We're flying to Beddie Bye 

Just one more hour, or maybe two 
I travelled far, and yet I didn't move 
I don't ever want to have to leave my bed 
But I'll be back again 
And oh that little mommy, she tucks me into bed 
And we say goodnight to the stars 
When I pull that little blanky right tight upto my chin 
You better tuck me in